I am a historian of American religions and an assistant professor in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University. You can write to me at lincoln@lincolnmullen.com.


On this site I write an academic blog about history, religion, and digital humanities, and I’m also a regular contributor at at Religion in American History. Here is a list of all of my posts, and these are the most recent:


My dissertation, The Varieties of Religious Conversion: The Origins of Religious Choice in the United States, is a history of conversion between religions in the nineteenth-century United States. The publications page lists my publications and talks and provides the full text if possible.

Below are some of the historical maps, visualizations, database, and publication projects that I am working on, which are also listed on the research page.

Much of my research is augmented by coding projects or expressed in code. These projects are listed on the research page. Most recently I’ve been working with on the gender package for R, which infers gender based on first names and a range of years, along with a few Omeka plugins and an Omeka API client written in Ruby.

I teach classes on American religious history, the nineteenth century, and digital humanities.